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GeoActa Special Publication 1 2008

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an international Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 1, 2001-2002


Composition of Venice Lagoon sediments: distribution, sources, settings and recent evolution
Pages 1-14
F. Lucchini, M. Frignani, I. Sammartino, E. Dinelli, L.G. Bellucci
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Geology/Marine Geology

The Milazzo Canyon and its mid-slope depositional wedge on the Northern Sicilian Continental margin (Tyrrhenian Sea)
Pages 15-26
P. Colantoni, A. Cuppari, G. Gabbianelli, D. Morelli
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Holocene shorelines along the central adriatic coast
Pages 27-36
C. Elmi, P. Colantoni, G. Gabbianelli, O. Nesci
Abstract | PDF |

Gravitative instability of sedimentary masses on the Ligurian Sea margins
Pages 37-44
N. Corradi, A. Cuppari, F. Fanucci, D. Morelli
Abstract | PDF |

Slumping on the western continental margin of India
Pages 45-48
M.V.S. Guptha, R. Mohan, A.S. Muralinath
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The "Brecce di Sapri": a new Miocenic (?) stratigraphic element for a better comprehension of the Southern Apenninic orogen
Pages 49-60
A. Sgrosso
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Experimental results from thermal treatment of asbestos containing materials
Pages 61-70
F. Dellisanti, V. Minguzzi, N. Morandi
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Sandstones, mortars and clay bricks from Palazzo Fava in Bologna (Italy): a mineralogical petrographic study
Pages 71-82
T. Sabetta, G.M. Bargossi, C. D'Amico, G.C. Grillini, V. Minguzzi
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Cyclic patterns of facies and pollen associations from Late Quaternary deposits in the subsurface of Bologna
Pages 83-94
A. Amorosi, L. Forlani, F. Fusco, P. Severi
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Sedimentary features of incipient beachrock deposits along the coast of Simeto River delta (eastern Sicily, Italy)
Pages 95-110
S. Longhitano
Abstract | PDF |

Stratigraphy and basin-fill architecture of a Plio-Pleistocene foredeep basin (Catania Plai, eastern Sicily): a preliminary synthesis
Pages 111-130
S. Longhitano, A. Colella
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Chemical, mineralogical and granulometric features of Pleistocene sediments near Saponara (Messina)
Pages 131-138
C. Saccà, D. Saccà, P. Nucera
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Etude paléontologique et dynamique d'un intervalle condensé a gastropodes dans les calcaires à grands bivalves du Pliensbachien (Ouarsenis, Algerie)
Pages 139-152
M. Benhamou, M.A. Conti, S. Elmi, S. Monari
Abstract | PDF |

Preliminary observations on the Upper Cretaceous rudist communities from the Alburni Mts. (southern Italy)
Pages 153-164
A. Laviano, G. Palladino
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Structural and petrological features of a ductile shear zone in Late-Hercynian granitoids (Sila Massif, Calabria)
Pages 165-176
V. Festa, A. Caggianelli, D. Liotta, G. Prosser, A. Del Moro
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Application of a recent garnet-clinopyroxene geo-barometer to mantle-pyroxenite xenoliths from Hyblean Plateau, south-eastern Sicily, Italy
Pages 177-182
S.K. Simakov, G. Sapienza, V. Scribano
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Dissolution behaviour of characterized hydroxyapatites in biological simulating solutions
Pages 183-196
G. Valdrè, M.G. Gandolfi, R. Mongiorgi, S. Monti, C. Prati
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Book Review

Paleogene of the Eastern Alps (W.E. Piller and M.W. Rasser, Eds)
D. Bassi
Pages 197-198