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GeoActa Special Publication 1 2008

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an international Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 2, 2003


Chemical and isotopic compositions of the shallow groundwater system of Vulcano Island, Aeolian Arcipelago, Italy: an update
Pages 1-34
T. Boschetti, G. Cortecci, L. Bolognesi
Abstract | PDF |

Geochemistry of groundwater in an intensely urbanised karst area (Lusaka, Zambia)
Pages 35-42
R. Cidu, J. De Waele, F. Di Gregorio, R. Follesa
Abstract | PDF |

Geochemical records of palaeoenvironmental changes during Late Quaternary in the Adriatic Sea sediments
Pages 43-62
F. Lucchini, E. Dinelli, A. Mordenti
Abstract | PDF |

Hydrochemical effects of the "Bilancino" dam on the Sieve River basin and interactions with the Arno River (Northern Tuscany, Italy)
Pages 63-74
N. Sbolci, A. Bencini, V. Duchi, F. Lascialfari, P. Malesani
Abstract | PDF |

Geophysical Prospecting

Evaluation of karstic cave stability using integrated geophysical methods
Pages 75-88
G. Leucci
Abstract | PDF |

Seismic and magnetic evidence of a possible presence of an igneous body related to very recent volcanic activity in the "Mergellina Roadsted" (Bay of Naples, Italy)
Pages 89-100
E. Petruccione, F. Giordano, G. Nardi
Abstract | PDF |

Mineral Physics/Applied Mineralogy

Investigation of nano-confined liquids on muscovite by transverse dynamic force microscopy (TDFM)
Pages 101-106
M. Antognozzi, A. Protti, M.J. Miles, G. Valdré
Abstract | PDF |

Effect of carbonate and phyllosilicate mineral phases on the quartz <a> axis fabrics of noncoaxially deformed
Pages 107-114
A.R. Bhattacharya, K. Weber
Abstract | PDF |


Sea-level changes in the Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) and their effects on the phenotype evolution and dimorphism of the ammonite genus Sowerbyceras (Phylloceratina) and other ammonoid faunas from the distal pelagic swell area of the "Trento Plateau" (Southern Alps, Northern Italy)
Pages 115-144
C. Sarti
Abstract | PDF |


Fe-Mn carbonate concretions in the Reno-Limentra fluvial deposits near Vergato (Bologna province, Northern Apennines): a petrographic and geochemical study
Pages 145-154
G. Simboli, J. Messinò, G. Gasparotto
Abstract | PDF |


Strain localization driven by marble layers: the Palmi shear zone (Calabria-Peloritani terrane, Southern Italy)
Pages 155-166
G. Prosser, A. Caggianelli, A. Rottura, A. Del Moro
Abstract | PDF |

Sedimentary Geology

The Modena-Reggio mud volcanoes (northern Italy): an actualistic model for the interpretation of Miocene authigenic carbonate related to fluid expulsion
Pages 167-180
S. Conti, D. Fontana, A. Gubertini, P. Bussi
Abstract | PDF |

Structural Geology

A microstructural approach to interpreting the structural setting of the Tombel graben, South Western Cameroon
Pages 181-200
M.S. Niome, C.E. Suh, R.T. Ghogomu
Abstract | PDF |


Upper Pleistocene tephra layer from Pantelleria at the Island of Lampedusa (Sicily Channel, Central Mediterranean)
Pages 201-208
M. Galletti, B. Narcisi
Abstract | PDF |