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GeoActa Special Publication 1 2008

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an international Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 3, 2004

Engineering Geology

Historical and recent hydrogeological instability in the Monte Modino area: Valoria, Tolara and Lezza Nuova landslide reactivations (Dolo-Dragone valleys, Modena Apennines, Italy)
Pages 1-13
V. Manzi, E. Leuratti, C.C. Lucente, E. Medda, M. Guerra and A. Corsini
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Triterpane and sterane biomarkers in organic matter from Carnian organic-rich facies in central and southerh Tunisia
Pages 15-23
A. Arfaoui and M. Montacer
Abstract | PDF |

Serpentinites-water interaction in the S. Severino area, Lucania Apennines, southern Italy
Pages 25-33
R. Giammetta, A. Telesca and G. Mongelli
Abstract | PDF |

Heavy-metal anomalies and bioavailability from soils of southeastern Po Plain
Pages 35-41
I. Sammartino
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Geophysical Prospecting

Evaluation of 2-D resistivity and seismic refraction methods in a complex karstic area
Pages 43-53
G. Leucci
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Chemical, mineralogical and grain size features of Pliocene sediments near Maida (Catanzaro, Southern Italy)
Pages 55-65
C. Saccà, D. Saccà, P. Nucera, S. Galli and D. D'Urso
Abstract | PDF |

The Serra del Zanchetto and la Prada ophiolites (Bologna Apennines) and the associated rodingites
Pages 67-79
G. Simboli, G. Gasparotto and J. Messinò
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Phlogopit -bearing ultramafic rocks from the Serre massif, Calabrian Peloritan Arc, southern Italy: an example of hybridization between hydrous siliceous melts and peridotites?
Pages 81-95
G. Rizzo, E. Piluso and L. Morten
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Sedimentary Geology

Late Quatemary sedimentary evolution of thePiombino alluvial plain (western Tuscany) as revealed by subsurface data
Pages 97-105
A. Amorosi, M. Ricci Lucchi, G. Sarti, S.C. Vaiani, S. Prandin and A. Muti
Abstract | PDF |

The Salsomaggiore structure (Northwestem Apennine foothills, Italy ): a Messinian mountain front shaped by mass-wasting products
Pages 107-127
A. Artoni, G. Papani, F. RIzzini, M. Calderoni, M. Bernini, A. Argnani, M. Roveri, M. Rossi, S. Rogledi and R. Gennari
Abstract | PDF |

Depositional Systems And Architecture Of Oligo-Miocene Turbidite Successions In Cilento (Southem Apennines)
Pages 129-147
G. Cavuoto, L. Martelli, G. Nardi and A. Valente
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New geological data on the subsurface of Turin city centre derived by high-resolution stratigraphic analysis
Pages 149-157
F. De Rienzo and G. Nardi
Abstract | PDF |

Geomorphology and textural composition of the coastal dunes south-east of Buenos aires province, Argentina
Pages 159-164
L.B. Teruggi, G.A. Martinez and J.L. Del Rio
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Structural Geology

Compression and Quatemary tectonic inversion on the northem edge of the Hyblean Mountains, foreland of the Apennine-Maghrebian chain in Eastem Sicily (Italy): geodynamic implications for Mt. Etna
Pages 165-
J.C. Bousquet and G. Lanzafame
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Book Review

Physics of Sedimentology (by K.J. HsÜ, Springer, 2004)
F. Ricci Lucchi
Page 179