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GeoActa Special Publication 1 2008

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an international Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 4, 2005

Geologically-oriented geochemical maps: a new frontier for geochemical mapping?
Pages 1-12
A. Amorosi and I. Sammartino
Abstract | PDF |

Sources of nitrate in the Arno River Waters: constraints from d15N and d18O
Pages 13-24
B. Nisi, O. Vaselli, A, Buccianti and S.R. Silva
Abstract | PDF |

Groundwater chemistry in the high Agri valley (Southern Apennines, Italy)
Pages 25-42
M. Paternoster, A. Scarfiglieri and G. Mongelli
Abstract | PDF |

Provenance of detrital apatites from the Upper Gonfolite Lombarda Group (Miocene, NW Italy)
Pages 43-56
M.G. Fellin, D. Sciunnach, A. Tunesi, S. Andò, E. Garzanti, G. Vezzoli
Abstract | PDF |

Detrital apatite fission-track ages from the Po sands: Implications for the erosional pattern of the orogenic source areas
Pages 57-66
M.Malusà, DM. Zattin, S. Andò, E. Garzanti, G. Vezzoli
Abstract | PDF |

The upper Messinian post-evaporitic succession of Serredi Quarry (southern Tuscany, Italy): new stratigraphic data and geochronology of an ash layer
Pages 67-82
M. Aldinucci, G. Bigazzi, B. Dall'Antonia, S. Da Prato, F. Donia, M. D'Orazio, L.M. Foresi, R. Mazzei, F. Riforgiato, F. Sandrelli and G. Zanchetta
Abstract | PDF |

Statistical analysis of stratal patterns and facies changes at the terminations of 'turbiditic' sandstone bodies: the Oligocene Cengio Unit (Tertiary Piedmont Basin)
Pages 83-104
R. Bersezio, F. Felletti, L. Micucci
Abstract | PDF |

Tectonic driven evolution of a Pliocene Gilbert-type delta (Lower Val d'Orcia Basin, southern Tuscany, Italy)
Pages 105-122
M. Ghinassi
Abstract | PDF |

Neogene evolution of the Viareggio Basin, Northern Tuscany (Italy)
Pages 123-138
V. Pascucci
Abstract | PDF |

The Adriatic foreland record of Messinian events (Central Adriatic Sea, Italy)
Pages 139-158
M. Roveri, A. Boscolo Gallo, M. Rossi, R. Gennari, S.M. Iaccarino, S. Lugli, V. Manzi, A. Negri, F. Rizzini and M. Taviani
Abstract | PDF |

Late Quaternary oligotypical non-marine mollusc fauna from southern Tuscany: climatic and stratigraphic implications
Pages 159-167
G. Sarti, G. Zanchetta, L. Ciulli, A. Colonese
Abstract | PDF |