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GeoActa Special Publication 1 2008

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an international Journal of Earth Sciences

Special Publication 1, 2008


Pages V-VII

Section I: Sequence stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits

Delineating aquifer geometry within a sequence stratigraphic framework: Evidence from the Quaternary of the Po River Basin, Northern Italy
Pages 1-14
A. Amorosi
Abstract | PDF |

The Holocene coastal alluvial fan of the Saraceno Fiumara (Calabria, Southern Italy): highstand filling of an incised valley
Pages 15-28
L. Sabato and M. Tropeano
Abstract | PDF |

The Quaternary terraced marine-deposits of the Metaponto area (Southern Italy) in a sequence-stratigraphic perspective

Pages 29-54
A. Cilumbriello, M. Tropeano and L. Sabato
Abstract | PDF |

Anatomy and sequence stratigraphy of the late Quaternary Arno valley fill (Tuscany, Italy)
Pages 55-66
A. Amorosi, G. Sarti, V. Rossi and V. Fontana
Abstract | PDF |

Incised valleys, their filling and mammal fossil record: a case study from Middle-Upper Pleistocene deposits of the Roman Basin (Latium, Italy)
Pages 67-88
S. Milli, M. Moscatelli, M.R. Palombo, L. Parlagreco and M. Paciucci
Abstract | PDF |

Sequence stratigraphy of Holocene deposits in the offshore of Venice based o very high-resolution seismic profiles

Pages 89-96
M. Zecchin, L. Baradello, G. Brancolini, F. Donda, F. Rizzetto and L. Tosi
Abstract | PDF |

Sequence stratigraphy of Late Quaternary slope deposits in the South Adriatic

Pages 97-116
G. Verdicchio and F. Trincardi
Abstract | PDF |

Section II: Sequence stratigraphy of siliciclastic, carbonate and evaporite deposits

The Messinian salinity crisis: a sequence-stratigraphic approach
Pages 117-138
M. Roveri, S. Lugli, V. Manzi and B.C. Schreiber
Abstract | PDF |

Sequence stratigraphy of a lowstand prograding complex, middle-upper Pliocene Ariano Unit, Potenza Basin (Southern Apennines, Italy)
Pages 139-156
S. Longhitano
Abstract | PDF |

Sequence stratigraphy of Cretaceous carbonate platforms: a cyclostratigraphic approach
Pages 157-172
B. D'Argenio, V. Ferreri and S. Amodio
Abstract | PDF |

Sedimentology and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy of a lower Cretaceous shallow-water carbonate succession from the Western Gargano Promontory (Apulia, Southern Italy)
Pages 173-192
L. Spalluto
Abstract | PDF |
Pery-Tethyan Cretaceous shallow-water carbonate systems: sedimentary patterns and lithofacies
Pages 193-216
L. Simone and G. Carannante
Abstract | PDF |

Sequence stratigraphy of the Latium-Abruzzi carbonate ramp (Miocene, Central Apennines, Italy)
Pages 217-236
M. Brandano and G. Civitelli
Abstract | PDF |

Section III: Sequence stratigraphy of Mars

An application of sequence stratigraphy to Mars: the Eberswalde fan delta
Pages 237-254
M. Pondrelli, A.P. Rossi, L. Marinangeli, E. Hauber and A. Baliva
Abstract | PDF |